Mercury vs jupiter astrology

When a number of planets in a horoscope signifies 5th and 11th house, undoubtedly the Usually, students do better in the time periods of Jupiter and Mercury.
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Truth vs Falsehood: Mercury & Jupiter Conjunct + Square Nodes

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What does astrology have to do with the stars?

Spirit circle over matter cross , resulting in receptivity crescent. Cafe Astrology Home. Share this Article Like this article? Email it to a friend! When it was retrograding in the womb of Virgo it was a time of being reborn spiritually speaking. The Christian rapture hunters were watching it and getting all excited but it was really affecting me. It was later I found out it was my ruling planet.

Mars, Jupiter Conjunction - 2 Planets Conjunction

Mercury is a child, energetic talkative and quick. Jupiter is a cranky old timer, a stickler for rules and order. They are at odds, but feed off each other energetically. Think Denis the menace and Mr Wilson.

Elder, wise, more calm than than short tempered. A child running through a library.

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Bastion and Mr. Coriander is a better comparison. Perhaps cranky wasn't the right word, I hesitated when typing it. I feel like jupiter is more bright and easygoing. Jupiter breaks the rules, but has that old energy due to being wise? If Saturn represents the opposite planet of rules and restrictions, I think it does?

Also Sag to the core is about breaking boundaries.

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The planet is responsible for success, fortune, luck and fame. Jupiter is an important planets for females their married life and its success. People with high ambitions, priests, religious teachers, ministers, politicians are all influenced by Jupiter. People under the influence of Jupiter are jovial, lively and good tempered. However, the negative aspect of it is that person may be greedy and may act insecure at times Jupiter is the ruler of the fire sign Sagittarius.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, it is associated with expansion, growth and opportunity. It represents the higher mind, wisdom, enthusiasm, optimism, benevolence and generosity. Jupiter's action is to expand, preserve and increase on all levels. The position of Jupiter in ones' chart serves as an indicator of one's faith, confidence and buoyancy.

It shows the areas where one will find opportunity, growth and fulfillment. A well placed Jupiter is associated with the spiritual, philosophical and intellectual realms. An overstress on the function of Jupiter may lead to exaggeration, delusions of grandeur, and a depletion of energies through over-extension. A lack of Jupiter's influence could lead to pessimism, feelings of inadequacy, depression and lethargy. Health An ill disposed Jupiter leads to digestive disorders, gallstones, diabetes, low blood sugar, indigestion, gas, jaundice, hemorrhoids, obesity, malnutrition, hepatitis, obesity, weak digestion, blood sugar, and weight gain.

Venus is also known as 'Shukra' and governs romance, beauty, passion, wealth, dance, music, rain and bed room. A strong Venus brings comfort, wealth, and attraction to opposite sex. The planet Venus is all about pleasure - love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions. Venus is content to spread happiness and tenderness, all the while teaching us how to love and appreciate others and the things that we possess.