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A Mercury-Saturn link on your birthday suggests you will be wrestling with some of the more serious issues of life this year. You can still have.
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We have fire and earth energy in the air.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: December 22 - January 20

It's a day to go for what you want, and perhaps you may even sense that being impulsive right now is a good thing. The Moon is in the sign of Aries! And this brings the element of fire to the earthy energy of the zodiac. Right now, the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and yes, this lends to focusing on work, but Capricorn also is a go-getter zodiac sign.

The Cardinal zodiac signs tend to not play around when it comes to goal attaining. They just go about it in different ways. The two energies that become triggered this weekend are the 4th and the 10th house. The Aries Moon can make you think about your home life, how you want things to come alive when you are there. You may desire more passion, love and excitement or you could be aiming towards independence. Capricorn opens the door to the 10th house for Aries. This brings attention to productivity, work, and your personal reputation.

Daily Horoscope January 12, 2017: Gemini

So, all zodiac signs may have some desire to be more organized in your house. It's good to work hard and create structured environments. You may find yourself wanting to be impulsive, but also realizing that it's not always a good idea to go unprepared. Best thing to do this weekend with these two zodiac sign energies?

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Make time to get organized. If you haven't set up a system for your planner or cleaned out your closets, or set goals for the new year, this weekend is a great time to do that. You can go big and colorful if you want or binge watch on YouTube videos watching people who are insanely organized and learn a thing or two.

Taurus: Your daily horoscope - November 12

Aries, you have one specific goal in mind and all of your energy is directed towards it. You're setting your mind to one thing and since you're focusing on it so hard, it's going to happen for you really soon. Keep up the positivity and drive that energy to your dreams. Taurus, things are about to start changing for you. There's no need to panic though, these changes are for the better! You're kicking out the negativity in your life, whether it's in the form of a specific person or something else, and you're allowing the positivity to come in.

Gemini, remember, you're never alone. If you ever feel overwhelmed or upset, it's okay to ask for help. You're surrounded by people who love and care about you. Just call for them and they'll come running. You'll feel so much better after knowing you have so many amazing people in your life that you can count on. Cancer, don't be so quick to make a decision.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Slow down and allow your brain to think for a second. Talk to people, let out your feelings and let the situation play out for itself. You'll just end up making the situation more complicated of you act too quickly. Leo, you're in a great mood today and everybody knows it.

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  • In fact, this is the day to do some behind-the-scenes planning that can benefit you in the future regarding inheritances, shared property and banking matters. Do it. This is a wonderful day for group sports, meetings or involvement with clubs, organizations or conferences. You will enjoy talking to females especially. You might also enjoy a competitive exchange with someone because you are intellectually energetic and super keen! This is a powerful day; and you, in particular, are powerful when you are dealing with authority figures like parents, bosses, teachers, VIPs and the police.

    You will be assertive about going after what you want; and others will notice this about you, as well. This is the perfect day for a short trip, or even long-distance travel if you can swing this. Basically, you want some adventure and you need a change of scenery! Do whatever you can to shake up your daily routine. Talk to people from different backgrounds.

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    This is the perfect day for an important discussion regarding inheritances, insurance disputes or how to divide or share something. Your thinking is crystal-clear and you will have no trouble defending your own best interests. You are strong! Expect to have a lively discussion with a partner, spouse or close friend today.

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    • ARIES (March 21 - April 19)?
    • Daily horoscope for Saturday, January 12, 12222;
    • You might even attract someone to you who is very high energy. Take note: You have to go more than halfway when dealing with others today because the Moon is opposite your sign. You can accomplish a lot today because you are in work mode! You are thinking clear, you have clear objectives, plus you have the energy to follow through on what you want to do. You might also have excellent ideas about how to improve your health. This is a marvellous, playful, fun-loving day! Enjoy flirtations and fun getaways.

      Sports, busy activities with children and the arts will all appeal.

      Capricorn Star Sign & Zodiac Symbol, December 22 - January 20 | zobyfygyfy.gq

      Good day to see a movie, or the theatre or socialize with others. Have fun!

      You have strong opinions about something to do with home and family today, which is why you will have a strong, purposeful discussion with a female family relative. You are mentally alert today, which is why this is an excellent day to study or learn something new.

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      You will also be convincing and proactive in your discussions with others.